Phoenix Marie was almost caught being fucked

Phoenix Marie is a model housewife. She gets all of her daily chores done before the sun goes down and is awake before the sun comes up to cook her husband a hearty breakfast. When he smelled the freshly griddled pancakes, he also felt the love for his wife and gave her a nice little slap on the booty.

Phoenix took this as maybe her husband was feeling frisky for once, so she attempted to be extra flirty with him. Just as she began to rub his feet under the table, he got annoyed and stormed out of the house. So much for that. As her husband left, we noticed a crook dressed in black ready to pounce on the place.

He figured the house would be empty. He slowly made his way inside, but Phoenix immediately got the feeling that something was not right. She grabbed a frying pan to protect herself and began to slowly and observantly make her way around the house. They were about to reach the same corner, and India could hear him breathing.

She used all her strength to lunge back and whack the robber over the head with the pan. He was seeing stars and laid spread eagle on the ground. Phoenix removed his mask and thought this guy was pretty cute, even for a thief. She squeezed down on his cock to get him at attention. She threatened to rip his cock off if he did not obey her every command. She began to drag him by the cock to the bedroom where she started to blow him.

They fucked for a long ass time until Phoenix heard her husband at the door. They could not have him seeing what was going on. The thief would go to jail and India would surely be divorced. India was still able to please the thiefs cock while she shooed her husband away through a crack in the door. India was definitely confident and experienced with situations of this nature.

A few minutes later the thief was jizzing on Phoenixs face, and then India was used as a distraction so the thief could escape scot free! No harm, no foul!
Models: Phoenix Marie