Taboo Mommy Dirty Talk ! Hot mom Cherie Deville & her little son

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Mommy was doing laundry washing her boy's bed sheets.  She noticed a wet stain.  It was cum.  Her boy is still young but just about at that stage where he is reaching puberty, she decided to talk about it  

Mommy wonders if he had a wet dream or jerked off for the first time.  She wants to taboo talk to him about it.  Mommy walks into her son's room with his new clean bed sheets.  She sits down next to him.  Mommy tells her boy what she found on the sheets and asks if he ejaculated last night.  

They've had this taboo talk before so he knows what mommy means.  He says yes.  Mommy is so excited to hear this.  He is mommy's little man now!  But there's only one issue.  Her boy's sperm is VERY special.  From now on he shouldn't be wasting it and shooting it everywhere.  

He should spread his seed somewhere very special.  Somewhere INSIDE mommy, where it's nice and warm.  Mommy reinforces the idea that moms and sons who have deep loving relationships do this taboo type of thing all the time.

Now that her little man ejaculates, he can please mommy sexually as well.  He might even put a baby inside mommy.  But that's okay.  Everything happens for a reason.  Getting mommy pregnant will only strengthen and grow their family, she whispers talk dirty taboos of speech..  

She notices her boy's dick growing.  Mommy gently coerces him to take his pants off.  Mommy taboo talk in a lovingly soft yet dirty way.  She shows off her sexy body.  Any time he needs mommy's pussy, it's right here.  It's his.  All mommy's holes.  His seed will no longer be wasted.  He will cum and ejaculate his sperm inside mommy's pussy from now on, where it belongs.

Models: Cherie DeVille